Turn your Website or Customer Service into Proactive Self Service

Gluru AI enables users to convert their interest to your goals - from sales to issue resolution and more.

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How it works

Identifies requests that need response- even in large unstructured data.

Proactively retrieves answers from your knowledge base and learns answers to new questions as they are added.

Learns the more it is used - Gluru improves and becomes customised for you. Personalising its response to your products positioning and customer base preferences.

Predicts the best action to achieve your goals, then helps the customer achieve it - whether it's a sales opportunity, or a customer issue Gluru will help you successfully convert the question removing friction.

Simple to integrate into your website with a small amount of code and/ or your preferred support software using our API

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The go-to customer service solution for a number of dynamic companies including


Our Technology

Our software solutions merge with a range of complex, multi-patented innovations such as task identification, knowledge extraction, information retrieval and workflow prediction to provide the intelligence backbone for your existing systems.

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The Aiconics

Winner of ‘Best AI Startup’ 2016

Winner of ‘Best Innovation in Deep Learning’ 2017

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