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The smart to do list that helps you identify your tasks and suggests the answers.

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Gluru is the smart task assistant that helps you know what to do, how to do it, and when it's done. In other words, Gluru stays on top of your to-dos so you can focus on what matters.

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Gluru Features

Save time and get more done. Gluru allows you to focus on what matters.

Never miss an important to-do

Predicted tasks surfaced from your workflow

Always know what needs your attention first

Intuitive overview that surfaces the most important tasks

Smart answers

Helps you execute on your tasks quickly and effectively

Integrations that matter to you

Overview of all your CRM in one place

Time saving notifications

Notifications to keep you on track and make sure you make the most of your day.

Track your progress

Historic task overview lets you see how much you’ve accomplished

Gluru Vision

Gluru is the predictive technology that understands how you work and play then learns how to assist you with your job or activity allowing you to focus on what matters.

A vast majority of activities expect you to repeat defined processes with the aim of consistently administering useful information. Gluru's intentions inference engine (GIIE) captures those processes and either suggests actionable content or automates their execution allowing you to focus on what matters.

Awards & News

Best AI startup 2016, AIconics awards

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