Gluru Technology

Less to do,
more today.

Gluru’s advanced Artificial Intelligence empowers people and enterprise to achieve more with less effort.


Capture what's important

Gluru's Artificial Intelligence identifies what you need to do from the activity in your email accounts and suggests the correct responses.


Buld your schedule

Schedule your suggested tasks with all the relevant information attached. Plan for the days ahead.

Task actions

Take instant actions

Keep track of all your tasks and to do's on your schedule and easily complete them thanks to our smart actions


Stay in sync

No matter what device you’d like to use Gluru on, you can. By instantly syncing across all platforms and devices, you can always rely on Gluru whether you're on the go or in the office.

Our Technology

  • Action Prediction

  • Information Retrieval

  • Action Execution

  • Workflow Prediction

  • Knowledge Extraction

  • Task Identification

  • Learning Cognitive Behaviours

The Aiconics

Winner of ‘Best AI Startup’ 2016

Winner of ‘Best Innovation in Deep Learning’ 2017

Featured in some of the worlds best news outlets

Financial Times Time Business Insider TechCo Venturebeat Techcrunch Tech City News
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