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The Bullet Journal is a relatively new way of staying on top of your tasks and to do’s

If one browses the web searching for ways of boosting productivity, one will no doubt come across a relatively new phenomenon called Bullet Journaling.  More casually referred to as  ‘BuJo’, its creator, Ryder Carroll, proposes that it is a ‘customizable and forgiving organization system [that] can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above.

So, how does it work?

In line with the findings of the renowned neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, in his book entitled;  ‘The organized mind: Thinking straight in the age of information overload’, the ‘BuJo’ maintains that as a species we are inherently unable to successfully multitask. Although we may be in the process of undertaking one task, our mind will – either consciously or subconsciously – shift its focus towards a different, incomplete task. Therefore, Levitin suggests that the ideal way of preventing this from happening, is to write down any incomplete tasks into an ‘external brain’, such as in a Bullet Journal, a to do list, a mobile app, or even better, a to do list mobile app, such as Gluru.

As the smartest to do list app to date, Gluru enables you to not only manually input your tasks and to do’s easily into your personal schedule, but it also automatically identifies them from within the content of your inbound emails. Due to its unique approach to artificial intelligence (AI), our productivity-boosting app combines natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning (DL) to identify the actionable phrases from within your emails while automatically surfacing them to you. This enables you to either respond to them immediately with one click or schedule them as a to do for a later time/date.

As we are aware that many of you tend to be working on various projects all at once, or simply prefer to arrange your tasks by category, we have now made it significantly easier for you to do so by enabling the new ‘List’ feature. Similar to the ‘Rapid Logging’ system prescribed in the ‘BuJo’, through creating a ‘List’ and adding a task to it, you can organize your task and to do’s accordingly so that you can remain organised and on top of all that you need to accomplish for that day/week.

How do I access this awesome new feature? Well, it’s quite simple really…

In order to create a new list, all you need to do is to follow these four simple steps:

-Select the ‘Lists’ icon

-Select ‘Start a new list’

-Input the desired name of the list

-Click ‘Save’


Once you have created a new list, you are then able to easily assign any item to it. To do this:

-Select the email/task/event that you would like to add

-Below the title of the email/task/event, you will find the option to ‘Add to a list’. Select this

-Select the list that you would like to add it too.


You can even manually input a task into a specific list from within it:

-Select the list you would like to manually input a task into

-Select the ‘+’ icon

-Input the details of the task

-Select ‘Add’, and then specify the time/date that you would like to associate with it

With the addition of this awesome new list feature, our users are now better positioned to remain more organised and more focused.

If you have already downloaded Gluru, then you should be able to experience this new feature immediately. However, if you like what you have read and would like to try the app for yourself, then you can download it for free by clicking on either of the links below:

Should you experience any issues, or would like to find out more about Gluru, then feel free to send us an email at: and a member of our friendly support staff will get back to you as soon as possible!

-Happy Productivity!

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For all of our amazing iOS users out there, we’ve got some pretty awesome news to give you. As of today, you can now search for any of the tasks that you’ve scheduled in Gluru, through the ‘Spotlight’ search option on your Apple devices.

Now it is a lot easier for you to search for and find all of the tasks or to do’s that you’ve scheduled in Gluru, without actually having to launch the app.

How it works:

  1. From the Home screen page of your iPhone or iPad, swipe the screen to the right.
  2. Then simply type the specific Gluru task that you are looking for into the search bar. For example, a colleague who emailed you a question: ‘Can you confirm that you will attend the HR meeting tomorrow at 15:30?
  3. From there, should you want to perform any action on that task (i.e. ‘Reply’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Set up a meeting’), then all you need to do is click on it and Gluru will launch automatically:

We really hope that you enjoy our new feature and that if further boosts your productivity. However, should you experience any issues, please feel free to send us an email at: so that we address it immediately

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Today is an incredibly exciting day for Gluru as we are announcing a platform that we believe will become essential to the future of productivity – the Gluru Inference Engine.

Having been working on Gluru since early 2014, the recent release of Gluru in 2015 was a massive landmark for us.

Since the beginning, our mission at Gluru has always been to enable humanity to get more done by simplifying their conversations, products, services and devices. This is what we live and breath for. We seek to connect what needs to be done with how to do it and automate any repetitive tasks. Essentially we’re building a proactive, smart productivity platform of the future, which will save people time so that they can focus on what really matters.

Imagine an AI that will understand what you are trying to accomplish and will prepare everything for you to make that happen. Well, at Gluru, that’s our vision! All you’ll have to do is to make the executive decisions! That is the power of understanding semantic tasks.

As we’ve come to the realization that tasks essentially drive everything, this insight fundamentally guides everything that we do. When people are trying to do anything, it is a task that frames what they will do and how they will do it.  However, we’ve realised that it goes beyond this – services, devices and machines are all also task driven.  Ergo, a productivity solution that suits people, could also boost the productivity of machines.  If it’s possible to proactively us AI to identify tasks and understand them based on the data of people, services, or devices, then it is also possible to predict the actions as well as the answers, therefore, simplifying people’s lives immeasurably.

The result is that we have created Gluru, an AI productivity platform that cuts through the noise by proactively identifying the tasks that you need to do, gathered from your data sources. We understand what you aim to accomplish, and predict the next suitable action you should take (soon predicted content and automation will be added.)  Simply connect your data sources to Gluru and we’ll does the rest.  Currently we only support Gmail and Google Calendar but a host of other sources are coming soon such as Outlook, Slack, Alexa, Gdrive, Dropbox and Salesforce.  

I’m proud of what the truly world class team at Gluru has achieved to date and I am also excited about the journey we are on together.  I hope that you can join us on this amazing journey which is sure to help boost your productivity, enabling you to focus on what matters.  

Why don’t you try out the latest version of Gluru and email me directly to tell me what you think?

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Gluru blue logo - the smart assistant for your workflow.  Finding the files you need when you need them the most.

We’re excited to announce today public access to Gluru (press release here!). Gluru is a smart personal assistant that helps you organize the important moments in your workflow by finding and organizing your most important files, thus saving you precious time. Gluru is currently available on Android, iOS and Web. It’s been a fantastic journey building the Gluru platform and there’s so much more to come. To get you as excited about Gluru as we are, below I’ve tried to give you a small insight into the story of how we got here and what our vision is for the platform.

Sometime in early 2014 – as I began to wonder increasingly whether my cumbersome email and cloud storage had a vendetta against me – something clicked that created a spark. This spark very quickly grew into the very burning desire that our exceptional team at Gluru spends every waking moment working towards.  

Why did I have so many emails polluting my inbox, and ultimately confusing me? Where are my documents, spreadsheets and files when I need them? Obviously I knew that they were either somewhere on my laptop or somewhere in the ‘cloud’, but why weren’t they at my fingertips? For that matter, why was I being pinged every 5 minutes on an instant messaging software that was meant to reduce the flow of email, not exacerbate it! I found that STILL, not only did I get emails but I also got ‘buzzed’ by my offices’ instant messaging software as a form of chat based reminder for the emails I was being sent? Then when I found those mediums crunched onto a mobile sized screen it was clear things had become really silly. So much distraction everywhere and so much time slipping away. What would it take to clear the decks so that I could purely focus on the things that are important, and have all of the associated information at the blink of an eye?  

After quite some time spent searching, I found that most proposed solutions actually made the problem worse. CRM? Ha, fancy spending your Friday afternoon keeping it up to date? No thanks! Project Management Software? Same problem, you’ve got to get the info in and out, and even that required unnecessary organization. Surely there was a better option? And then it dawned on me, to do lists! Surely it had to be to do lists! Yes, they do help for a while, and yes, they are also baked into every product known to man, but you still have to organize all the information yourself. Surely it’s time these tools had a bit of intelligence? I quickly discovered that I was not alone and that people in my network were all suffering from the same problem. You name the software, they’d tried it. Alternatively, they were stuck with their companies choices. Everyone was crying out for a simple solution that would provide them with less distractions, less time searching, but more focus, boosted productivity, and ultimately, more free time!

So we set out to create a real solution to this issue, one that could be flexible and which could easily work with any existing data source someone maybe be using. We were looking to provide a solution that could not only figure out what what you need from your workflow, but also when you need it. Then it would learn and improve itself the more you engaged with it. A product that is there when you need it, but doesn’t get in the way. A product that doesn’t require you to move all your information between data silos, and that can be set-up in a couple of clicks. Essentially, what was needed, was a ubiquitous personal assistant for your workflow that found the files you needed, in the moments you needed them. In other words – Gluru.

Gluru - the power of smart orgsanization.  Saving you time in your workflow for those precious moments.

The team at Gluru is made up of a bunch scientists and engineers that share the same passion for practical useful design at every level, while also pushing the boundaries of innovation and what is technically possible. The Gluru personal assistant is built on a cutting edge (patent pending) platform that uses a mixture of artificial intelligence and machine learning to organise your workflow and allow you to focus on what’s important.

Today we’ve announced the first major step in our journey to deliver Gluru’s time saving features to busy professionals and teams. You can simply connect Gluru using your Google email (or Google apps email), then connect your cloud storage device (Gdrive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, or Onedrive). Soon we will be expanding this to other email services such as Outlook, and will also enhance the existing Gluru features further, such as ‘Schedule’, ‘Suggested’, ‘Lists’ and many more. See our support section for more info on these.

We see the future for the Gluru platform as being a smart service that connects to not only your main CRM platform, but also team instant messaging products, project management tools, email, and cloud storage. Essentially, Gluru will integrate anywhere there is information you need for your workflow. We don’t want or aim to become a data storage facility, but instead we just want to be the smartest to do list available, presenting you with all the important information you need to become as productive as possible. We want to give you quick and easy access to all of the information you need, when you need it most, while suppressing the rest.  In many ways Gluru is not only a smart personal assistant, but also the file manager of the future, giving your favourite productivity tools a brain.

With today’s announcement we’ve made the first major step towards this goal, but it will only be successful with your help. Therefore, why don’t you try out Gluru for free on either Android, iOS, or Web? Let us know how it goes and anything else you’d love to see added.  

Here’s to winning back precious time for the things that matter!


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I’ve been lucky – From having been the marketing director at Shazam, to having taken part of the team that launched iTunes and Google Play in Europe, I’ve worked with some of the world’s most influential brands on some of the most exciting innovations to date.

As a result, people often ask me; ‘What do you think is the next technological revolution?’ While I’m sure there are still many yet to come, there’s one in particular that stands out – predictive technology. The fact is, technology has evolved to the point where we want, even expect it to read our minds, anticipating what we need before we even know we need it.

And the new crop of predictive apps on the horizon, are designed to do just that.