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Today is an incredibly exciting day for Gluru, we are announcing a platform that we believe will be core to the future of productivity – the Gluru Inference Engine.

This has been years in the making since we started in 2014, with our release of the Gluru Assistant product in 2015 a stepping stone to today.

Our mission at Gluru has always been to enable humanity to get more done by simplifying their conversations, products, services and devices – connecting what needs to be done with how to do it and automating where repetition is happening – essentially building the proactive smart productivity platform for the future – saving people time so that they can focus on what matters. This is what we live and breath.

Imagine an AI that would understand what you are trying to accomplish and would prepare everything for you to make it happen so that you would only have to take executive decisions: that is the vision for Gluru and the path we are on.  That is the power of understanding semantic tasks.

Our insight into solving this fundamentally guides everything we do: tasks drive everything.  When people are trying to do anything it is a task that frames what they will do.  But we’ve realised it goes beyond that – services, devices and machines are all also task driven.  Thus a productivity solution for people can also simplify productivity for machines.  If it is possible to proactively identify tasks and understand them using AI across the data of people, services, or devices then it is possible to predict the action and the answers – simplifying people’s lives immeasurably.

The result we have created is Gluru, an AI productivity platform that cuts through the noise of your data – proactively identifying the tasks you need to do from your data sources, understanding what you aim to accomplish, prioritising them and predicting the next action – soon predicted content and automating where repetition occurs will also be added.  Simply connect your natural language data sources to Gluru and it does the rest.  Currently we support Gmail and Google Calendar.  A host of sources are coming soon such as Outlook, Slack, Alexa, Gdrive, Dropbox and Salesforce.  Gluru can live inside all of these ecosystems powering your productivity.

I’m proud of what the truly world class team at Gluru has achieved to date and excited by the journey we are on together.  I hope you can join us on the journey to help your productivity so you can focus on what matters.  

Try out the latest version of Gluru and tell me what you think via my email

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Gluru blue logo - the smart assistant for your workflow.  Finding the files you need when you need them to save you precious time.

We’re excited to announce today public access to Gluru (press release here!). Gluru is a smart personal assistant that helps you organize those important moments in your workflow. Gluru finds and organizes the most important files for meetings, calls, your important people and more. Saving you precious time in the process. No need to organize your files or email anymore. Gluru is currently available on web & android (iOS coming soon!). It’s been a fantastic journey building the Gluru platform and there’s so much more to come. Below I’ve tried to give a small insight into the story of how we got here and our vision for the platform.

Sometime in early 2014 – as I began to wonder increasingly whether my cumbersome email and cloud storage had a vendetta against me – something clicked that created a spark which very quickly turned into a burning desire that the exceptional team at Gluru spends every waking moment working on.  

Why did I have so many emails – 90% of which are just noise in my day? Where are my documents, spreadsheets and files when I need them? And yes I know they are either on my laptop or in cloud storage but why aren’t they at my fingertips? For that matter why was I being pinged every 5 mins on instant messaging software that was meant to reduce the flow of email and other distraction – only to find I STILL get the emails but also get ‘buzzed’ with the IM software as a form of chat based reminder? Then when I found those mediums crunched onto a mobile sized screen it was clear things had become really silly. So much distraction everywhere and so much time slipping away between my fingers – what would it take to clear the decks so I could be purely focussed on the things that are important with the associated relevant info in the blink of an eye.  

After quite some time spent searching I found that most proposed solutions actually made the problem worse.. CRM? fancy spending your friday afternoon keeping it up to date? no thanks.., Project Management Software? Same problem, gotta get the info in and out and even then it requires organization, To Do lists.. surely to do lists!  Yes they helped for a while and they are also baked into every product known to man but still you have to organize your information.. surely it’s time these tools had a bit of intelligence! I quickly discovered that people in my network were suffering the same problem. You name the software they had tried it or were stuck with their companies choices. Everyone was crying out for a simple solution – less distraction, more focus, less searching, more time, less time spent on organization, more productivity.

So we set out passionately to create a real solution to this issue, one that could be flexible, could easily work with any existing data source you maybe using. A solution that could not only figure out what you need from your workflow but when you need it, then learn and improve itself the more you work. A product that is there when you need it but doesn’t get in the way, that doesn’t require you to move all your information between information silos, one that can be set-up in a couple of clicks. In short Gluru is the solution – a personal assistant for your workflow finding the files you need in the moments you need them without getting in the way.

Gluru - the power of smart orgsanization.  Saving you time in your workflow for those precious moments.

The team at Gluru is made up of a bunch scientists and engineers that share a passion for practical useful design at every level while pushing the boundaries of innovation and what is technically possible. The Gluru personal assistant is built on the cutting edge (patent pending) Gluru platform that uses a mixture of artificial intelligence and machine learning to cut out the noise from your workflow and allow you to focus on what’s important.

Today we’ve announced the first major step in our journey to deliver Gluru’s time saving features to busy professionals and teams. You can simply connect Gluru using your Google email (or Google apps email) then connect your cloud storage (Gdrive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, or Onedrive). Soon we will be expanding this to other email services such as outlook and enhancing the existing Gluru features further (such as Daily Digest, the Now button and the File Footprint – see our support section for more info on these).

We see the future for the Gluru platform as a smart service that connects to your CRM, team instant messaging products, project management, email, cloud storage.. essentially anywhere there is information you need for your workflow. We don’t want or aim to be any kind of storage instead we just want to be the smart address book for the essential data in your workflow. Giving you quick and easy access to the information you need when you need it – while suppressing the rest.  In many ways Gluru is not only a smart personal assistant but the file manager of the future giving your favourite productivity tools a brain.

With today’s announcement we’ve made the first major step on this journey but it will only be successful with your help. Try Gluru it’s free for an individual on web & android (iOS is coming soon) – let us know how it goes and anything you’d love to see added.  

Here’s to winning back precious time for the things that matter!


Gluru Founder & CEO

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I’ve been lucky: From marketing Shazam to being part of the team that launched iTunes and Google Play in Europe, I’ve worked with some of the world’s most influential brands on some of the most exciting innovations in recent history.

As a result, people often ask me: What do you think is the next technological revolution? While I’m sure there are many yet to come, there’s one in particular that stands out: predictive technology. The fact is, technology has evolved to the point where we want, even expect it to read our minds — anticipating what we need often before we even know we need it.

And the new crop of predictive apps on the horizon is designed to do just that.